Hotel Baraquda Pattaya and Mercure Pattaya – The annual fire drill & evacuation 2019


On Wednesday 9th of October, 2019, the team of Hotel Baraquda Pattaya and Mercure Pattaya Hotel led by the Cluster General Manager, Mr. Khata Sinhaseni, attended the annual firefighter training 2019. The first training session was held in the morning, where we were trained on the basics of fire protection, its importance in the organization and why it is important for the staff of all levels to know these details. It was a theoretical session with the firefighting team explaining to us these details in the meeting room with their PowerPoint slides. All these points and more were brought to practical application in the afternoon session.
In the afternoon session, the team was displayed various real-life simulations of fire in the workplace and what are the ways we can tackle them. This included incidents in the kitchen, back offices, incidents arising from mistakes, and what are the safety protocols we need to adhere to in such cases. Aside from that, all members of our staff were put to test as well in using the fire extinguishers, turning off the gas when the stove is on fire, how to use a wet cloth to turn off fire, and why we shouldn’t use water instead.
The event was sponsored by the Pattaya City Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Specialists. Fire is a serious problem for all industries, from small to large as accidents can occur anywhere. These accidents, if not controlled well can affect the people and establishments around the impact area as well. The whole purpose of this training is to keep employees alert, well informed and ready to tackle such incidents in case the need arises.