Wide Faith Foods chose Rise Buddy ready to expand to Thai market


Wide Faith Foods Co.,Ltd, the producer of Master Rice and Rise Buddy brand rice snack, chose Thailand as its head quarter and the production base of its rice snack business.

Oliver Yeh, the company’s managing director said that the company chose Thailand as its head quarter and the production base for its rice snack because Thailand is full of quality raw materials such as Thai Rice, natural seasonings so it is good for the sustainability for any foods manufacturers.

GDP of Thailand in 2017 was US$ 439.2 billion and expected to be reaching US$ 450 billion in 2018. And GNI per capita of Thailand 2017 was US$ 5,960 which grew healthy in more than 10 years. Thai consumers’ acceptance on the new concept product of “Better for You” is getting higher and higher due to the continuously growing of health concious consumers.

“Thailand is the heart of Asean and all the major infrastructure continuously constructed here. The fast-moving consumer goods market in Thailand will be bigger and bigger than ever,” Mr Yeh said.

“Thailand is an attractive market but our product has never launched in Thailand because Wide Faith Foods has limited production capacity and all the capacity has to fulfill the private labels customers all over the world. Now, it’s the right time to expand our business in Thailand,” Mr Yeh said.

Wide Faith Foods is founded in Taiwan in 2002 by Oliver Yeh. He used to lead the export department of Ting Hsin International Group, the leading instant noodle market in China and globally and the market leader in green & black tea in China.

Mr Yeh and his teams have over 20 years experience in rice snack market in China and Taiwan. The company produces Master Rice with unique production process and advance technology.

“My vision is to build Wide Faith Foods Co. as the leading brand & player in the rice snacks & food industry with taste Greater, do Greater, feel Greater” Mr Yeh said

Master Rice brand is the mother brand of all Wide Faith Foods product ranges that produce and supply the grate taste & healthy snacks with the unique texture of thinner, crisper and with longer lasting flavors than other players.

This is in line with the world-wide healthy trend as “Better for You”. The Rice Snacks products are designed and produced with different traditional rice crackers, arare or ushiyaki. It is the innovative rice snacks that thins as potato chips but it’s baked with lower fat contains less than 10%, lower than potato chips.
There are several brands under Master Rice Brand to fulfill the different segmentation to global market and targeted consumers such as R!se Buddy, Allright, Rice Wonder and Mello, etc.

R!se Buddy are marketed in the west coast of USA, China, Australia, Taiwan. Some new markets are working in progress such as Asia Pacific markets particularly Japan, Korea and Aasen markets, France, Middle Europe, Japan, Korea, Vietnam.

While Allright products are available in Australia and Japan via premium supermarket chain. For Rice Wonder was marketed in Chile, India, Hong Kong, etc and Mello market targets to the market upon high inquiry all over the world.

Wide Faith Foods will sell many kinds of products those full fill all customers ages from the toddlers, kids, teens till adult. All the snacks made of Thai rice, in different format and can be consumed in different occasion.

Wide Faith Foods opened its first factory in Bangplee Industrial, Samutprakarn since 2002 and the second one in 2014. It has five production lines with can produce 15 millions packs per month or 1,100 tones.

Since 2015, Wide Faith Foods opened its third factory on the 33-rai plot land in Hemaraj Industrial Estate in Chonburi. This third factory has the capacity of 43,200 tones per year. The first phase of the production site with 10,800 tones production capacity has completed and will start the operation in Q1, 2019. The expansion of its production capacity will full fill the inquiry & growth for markets like Thailand, China & USA, etc.

Mr Yeh said that Wide Faith Foods has gained AA grade of BRC to its two plants, continuously for 3 years after 8 years of grade A. The entire of production sites are Gluten Free certified, Halal, GMP and received Thailand Quality Trust Mark; EU & NOP Organic certified to selected ranges and WFF also producing Kosher upon request.

“Working with multi-national customers, we will bring our experience and new innovation idea to Thailand consumers. We believe our rice chips which made of 100% Thai rice with great natural seasoning, great tasty and healthy snack with uniqueness of thinner, crispier, and long lasting flavor will get warm respond from Thai customers,” Gloria Kuo, the company’s vice president of marketing, said