Volvo Trucks launched the Thailand’s first full-fledged advanced safety technology trucks.


Volvo Trucks launched the Thailand’s first full-fledged advanced safety technology trucks.
• Full equipment installation and preventive safety technology package in Volvo FH models to drive Thailand’s transportation industry into the age of smart logistics.
• Reinforcing “Safety” as one of the three core values of Volvo Trucks brand to deliver the most reliable transport solutions for operators.

Volvo Trucks (Thailand) raises the highest level of safety standards in Volvo FH model with the “Active Safety Package” or preventive safety technology which can be installed in the Volvo FH tractor model. This is to meet the needs of the leading transport operators who demand the highest level of safety and to prosper in the age of smart logistics.

Mr. Eric Labat, President of Volvo Trucks (Thailand) revealed that “the launch of safety features and preventive safety technology systems in Volvo FH tractor model aiming to increase the road safety standards in Thailand is a part of Volvo Trucks’ social responsibility as the world’s leading truck manufacturer. It also helps transport operators maintain valuable resources like drivers and the goods being transported to arrive at any destinations with maximum level of safety.”

“At Volvo Trucks, “Safety” is one of the three core values for our brand while the other two are quality and environment. Therefore, we have been developing safety equipment and technology systems which have been tested and trialed in a number of European countries for many years. Now, we are ready to launch this modern safety features to the transport operators in Thailand in order to truly drive the country’s transportation industry into a smart logistics,” said Mr. Labat.

The “Active Safety Package” or the preventive safety technology consists of:
• Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Collision Warning and Emergency Braking.
• Volvo Dynamic Steering, an intelligent steering wheel that allows perfect steering control in every situation.
• Driver Alert Support, notify the driver to take a break if it detects any sign of driver inattentiveness or drowsiness.
• Lane Keeping Support, detect any unintentional lane departure.
• Lane Change Support, alert the driver of any vehicle in the blind spot area at the passenger side and provides warning for any unsafe lane change.
• 7” Information Display
• Rear view camera (Backup Monitoring)

“According to the accident research report in Europe, Volvo Trucks found that about 50% of accidents involving large trucks leading to fatality or severe injury is a result of unintentional lane departure or rear-end collisions. All these safety features are therefore designed to work together with maximum efficiency, especially the front collision warning system, automatic frontal keeping distance, and emergency brake systems which are designed to help reduce or avoid serious accidents on the road,” said Mr. Labat.

Meanwhile, Miss Wilawan Vispapaew, Vice President of Marketing added that “The safety system that we have demonstrated in this customer test drive will be installed in the Volvo Truck Model FH, which is considered Thailand’s first tractor that comes with a complete set of safety technology features. Customer can order to have this package installed in a new tractor model. It is a worthy, long-term investment for every discerning transport operator.”

”Volvo Trucks is confident that this safety system launched in Thailand will be welcome by transport operators especially in the dangerous goods transport sector such as chemical, fuel, or high value products, etc., which are Volvo Trucks’ main customers,” continued Miss Wilawan.