THAI Smile Airways introduces “MORE THAN SMILES”


THAI Smile Airways introduces “MORE THAN SMILES” Presenting Online Advertising Creativity in Airline StyleConveying the Pride, along with Every Detail for Service Excellence

Online advertising videos are another powerful marketing tool that not only provides incentives to promote sales or to make service decisions but which can also reflects the policy and image of a brand. Such is the case with the THAI Smile Airways online video “MORE THAN SMILES” released to the public in July to commemorate the outstanding products and services of THAI Smile, its excellent full service with its “Points of Difference” (POD) that can change viewers’ perspectives without them feeling forced to watch and gradually informing them of this through context.
All this originates from the crystallization of ideas together with the professional skills of the production team that intends to communicate directly to the hearts of social media users who are THAI Smile’s target group and it is expected to impress audiences and provide them with a good feeling about THAI Smile Airways.

Mr. Chatchai Panyoo, Acting Chief Executive Officer, THAI Smile Airways Co Ltd, disclosed that the origin of this latest online production entitled “MORE THAN SMILES” came from the intention to present products and services of THAI Smiles to customers. The first criteria is that this new advertising concept is not boring or monotonous and does not have to only portray the atmosphere in airport lounges or on aircraft.

Moreover, it is not necessary to be a “hard sell” but it’s meant to “MORE THAN SMILES” in the form of a factual video. This online advertising also has various symbols and makes analogies in a smart and deeper way, in particular about the “Points of Difference” which are the free 20 kg. of baggage allowance, special menus and beverages onboard, wheelchairs service for disabled passengers and Unaccompanied Minor service for a children aged six to under 12 years old travelling alone (UMNR), together with sign language for hearing-impaired passengers. The length of the video is 1.36 minutes.

“In this latest online advertising video, we have Bigplay Co., Ltd., who owns the story and concept, along with Phairat Khumwan, director of photography and film director, the author of this work which compares air travel to travelling home or making a long journey and has a boy dragging a large bag to tell the story. He encounters rocky, sandy soil which is comparable to obstacles such as an air turbulence or other travel problems,” Chatchai said.

From that, the story continues and he encounters various services that are the charm of THAI Smile such as sign-language, wheelchair, special meals and also being taken good care of with understanding.

“Apart from relating the story in a simple easy-to-understand and entertaining way, we also tried to make this video deeper by using metaphors hidden in symbols such as the sound similar to when we fall in an air turbulence or a bird’s-eye view from 30,000 feet and the priority we give to safety that should eliminate every concern to convey that THAI Smile gives MORE THAN SMILES.
“We have to change our perspective in that it is not just pictures on board aircraft that can advertise airlines. In fact, it is the use of other locations, along with a new way of doing things along with the image of seat belts while the sound of a captain’s voice similar to being on the plane can also be another concept that can inspire consumers to understand and be interested in the brand as well.

The quality content will be introduced to audiences in the online world through major social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, together with websites that provide news and infotainment such as Kapook, Sanook, including bloggers and mainstream media. THAI smile expects its main target group aged between 24 and 44 years old, who will be interested in the online video “MORE THAN SMILES”.

Our aim is to have at least 2 million views and we also wish that this media will reflect our sense of pride in providing the difference and our superiority that will help create a positive attitude to THAI Smile Airways as well.