RISE BUDDY Sampling Troops, the wonderful campaign for the gang


RISE BUDDY Sampling Troops, the wonderful campaign for the gang, Check-in with the deliciousness with full of fun style #khaonom, friends eat every moment.

In June every year, it is an important moment for high school gang, that have to prepare themselves to be ready for midterm examination, so anything activities such as party or check-in in delicious cafe must stop for a while. But in June 2019, the new types of rice snack will make the strain disappear, replace with the full delicious moment of 100% Thai rice, with the delicious of the natural ingredients ,Glutenfree , MSG free, Trans-Fat-Free, also use rice bran oil in less than 10%, served directly to every teen gang through the campaign ‘RISE BUDDY Sampling Troops’,check-in with full of fun style #khaonom, friends eat every moment.

Back in early June, Rise Buddy team was created the delicious, to prepare for the campaign ‘RISE BUDDY Sampling Troops’, start by preparing a signature crispy, thin and the full delicious of Rise Buddy, over 44,000 packages both two popular flavors, pizza flavor that gives the full flavor of cheese and tomatoes, aromatic of Thai rice mixed with the Italian style pizza perfectly, and Korean seaweed flavor with the aroma of seaweed flavored in Korean style, also increase the more aroma for this flavor. In addition, the buddy team has increased more FUN level from the coolest Rise Buddy mascot. Let every moment be delicious, fun, and enjoy throughout the campaign.

The delicious caravan of ‘Rise Buddy’ started to give the deliciousness from June 10, by starting the first check-in point at ‘Horwang School,’ the famous landmark on Phahonyothin road, the atmosphere of Sampling on the first day is full of excitement, all the gangs come to try Rise Buddy which is a lot of delicious and crispy, more than 2,000 packages being eaten in less than an hour, same as the second day at ‘Bordindecha School (Sing Singhaseni),’ the buddy team had to hurry to give the Rise Buddy without a break, in order to make all children have the experience with the most delicious taste and after resting for less than a day, the delicious caravan must hurry and move the team to Ladprao Road, to set the check-in point for deliciousness for the gang at ‘Satreevittaya 2 School’ that everyone gives a jovial welcome for buddy team, ready to line up and get the deliciousness with full queen, same with the 4th gang at ‘Suankularb vittayalai School’that everyone comes with their close friends to take a photo and share the fun every gang. Then it’s time for ‘Ratchavinit Bangkaew School’ that even it’s far away from Samutprakan provinces but it is not an obstacle to the delicious caravan because the gang haven’t stood for a long time, they can get the delicious and also take photos together with the hashtag #khaonom, without any engage, make a lot of smiles, laugh and memorable moment for the gang think about this time forever.

In addition, the campaign ‘RISE BUDDY Sampling Troops’ Still RISE UP!! To Continued deliciousness, send the fun to all ages with Weekend Sampling Troops to send the delicious moments in 4 holidays at the famous landmarks in the heart of the city. Saimkij Building, Flea market Ratchada, Wannasorn Building and Train night MarketSrinakarin, to make the fun for working gangs, the shopper who loves to eat, including teenager gang to enjoy the intense flavor of Rise Buddy.

Rise Buddy for every flavor available now at Tops Markets & Daily, Gourmet Market, Home Fresh Mart, Tang Huaseng, Je Leng, UFM Fuji Super, TOKYO, Max Mart (PT gas station), Lawson 108 and in this July, can be purchased at Big C, Family Mart and Villa Market as well.

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