NOSTRA LOGISTICS reveals a 20% growth in the logistics market Announces new products to serve the smart logistics market


NOSTRA Logistics revealed that Thailand’s transportation and logistics market will reach 200 billion baht with an annual growth of 15-20 per cent, being a prosperous business in the digital economy, while also announcing an aggressive move into the IoT logistics arena by delivering its NOSTRA LOGISTICS Analytics Platform and Telematics Solution to respond to the upturn in the market. This is a flagship product with GPS Tracking that will drive the transportation business to “Smart Logistics” through its 3S key selling points: SAFETY, to increase safety, SAVINGS to reduce expenses, and SATISFACTION to create the highest level of satisfaction. The company revealed that the overall situation and trends of the transportation and logistics market in the fourth quarter was positive and was continuously moving in a good direction with transport operators in the process of installing telematics equipment connected to GPS tracking systems comprising both online mobile video cameras or MDVR and DMS cameras to detect the behavior of drivers and to help reduce the risk of accidents. The company is proud of its impressive performance throughout the third quarter and is confident that the fourth quarter will meet the target of a 50 per cent growth over the previous year.

Mrs Varinthorn Srisukdee, the commercial product director of GIS Co. Ltd., said that there were three factors behind the continuous expansion of the transportation and logistics market in Thailand by 15-20 per cent to become one of the rising businesses in the digital economy, and these were the growth of Thailand’s economy, increased government spending and the expansion of exports. The company foresees an opportunity and has a marketing strategy with the NOSTRA LOGISTICS platform with Telematics Solution, a flagship product, as well as using GPS tracking to meet the needs of the transportation business that is looking for a logistics management system which is effective in this age of intense competition and rapid changes. At the heart of the transportation business is speed of delivery and the full delivery of products on time to the satisfaction of the recipients.

The growth of Thailand’s logistics business is taking place amidst intense competition, with service operators using technology to help in this, whether it is automation using robots, artificial intelligence, or real-time mobile applications to help in the use of more logistics services to help manage costs more effectively along with increasing customer satisfaction. However, while transportation and logistics is a rising star business with high growth, it faces intense market competition that stems from three problems:

1. Entering a market that belongs to foreign logistics companies that are ready for e-commerce and that make investments and which have business networks with online products;
2. Service providers have to bear high transportation costs, such as for fuel or for the cost of trips by empty vehicles;
3. Issues in adapting to the use of technology and in developing business models for increased capabilities and for long-term business.

With regard to this, the company has introduced two flagship products that leverage the GPS tracking system to meet market demand as follows:

1.NOSTRA LOGISTICS Analytics Platform which is a platform for transportation and logistics to link all the transportation information into a digital system and which combines modern technology including GPS, Telematics, IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data Analytics which are important tools to help manage transportation. This will be an important tool in helping to manage the transportation business. This stores delivery tracking data which comes from data sources or from GPS tracking platforms such as the location of a vehicle, distance, times, the speed of driving and the behavior of drivers and other data from telematics equipment that is input to NOSTRA LOGISTICS Analytics Platform and processed to present an overview of the operations of transportation vehicles. This includes analysis and provides insights to fleet managers such as reporting on the delivery of products, provides reports about driving behavior that solve problems and which makes decisions more accurate. This platform will reduce problems in linking data for each service provider, reducing tracking constraints, reducing complexity and time to manage data in different systems and increasing the capability to analyze data to solve issues of a lack of data support in decision-making.

2.Telematics Solution This is a solution that enhances capabilities beyond normal GPS Tracking by using IoT (Internet of Things) that links to and communicates between the GPS box and Telematics equipment in the vehicle. Apart from vehicle tracking, telematics will focus on investigating and preventing risky behavior while driving for the safety of lives and assets by alerting drivers and transport controllers in real-time while also storing engine data such as fuel usage and distance driven in order to evaluate transportation vehicles and for maintenance planning, including reports in various formats for summarizing transport routes and for evaluating a report score of driver behavior. By having a telematics solution, this will increase safety throughout the journeys, manage transport vehicles more efficiently and control fuel expenses to serve transportation business needs to increase capability, enhance safety and to reduce expenses.

“NOSTRA LOGISTICS has its own unique strengths —over 15 years of experience in Thai logistics and transformation— as it has pioneered the Professional IoT Logistics Solutions System Integrator in transportation and logistics for the past two decades. So we have developed NOSTRA LOGISTICS for a Total Transportation and Logistics System that has turnkey features ranging from Fleet Tracking and Monitoring, Fleet Management, Shipment Management, Resource Optimization and Safety Management including specific solutions that we have tailored for each customer to serve different needs by utilization of the system combined with a ready-to-use solution,” Mrs Varinthorn added.

Mrs Varinthorn said NOSTRA LOGISTICS will move forward with the 3S key selling points – SAFETY, SAVINGS and SATISFACTION: Safety for lives, products and the transport of assets for businesses. For savings, businesses can save time, transport expenses and fuel. While for satisfaction, businesses and their customers will be satisfied with a transportation service that has a standard of quality enabling NOSTRA to become a technology leader to offer products and solutions that serve transportation and logistics needs.

As for the overall situation, the logistics market situation in the fourth quarter has been continuously moving in a good direction from the previous quarter in the process of installing telematics equipment that connect with GPS tracking systems, both online mobile video cameras (MDVR) and DMS (Driver Monitoring System) cameras to detect driver behavior and to reduce the risk of accidents for logistics providers in medium and large projects which made growth in the third quarter and confidence that the fourth quarter will show a 50% increase over the last year, Mrs Varinthorn said.