Mazars supports the “Help Helpen in Thailand” campaign for giving food to those in need.


Mazars and its staff decided to support ‘Help Helpen in Thailand’ campaign as part of their CSR activities. “Help Helpen in Thailand is assisting Dutch and local initiatives to give food and sanitary items to those in need after becoming jobless due to the lockdown in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Hua Hin.

Many businesses have not been able to operate as usual due to the rapid transmission of COVID-19 in Thailand. As a result, the unemployment rate has already begun increasing, and many people cannot afford even basic needs such as food and drink.

In response to this crisis, Mazars and its staff support the ‘Help Helpen in Thailand’ campaign of the NTCC and MKB Thailand. On 15 May 2020, a donation was made to purchase food at the Kitchen at Yenakart to be distributed to those in need.

Rob Hurenkamp, Managing Partner at Mazars Thailand, said “Everybody has been affected by the COVID-19 virus. The lockdown of Thailand has hit the 14 million people working in the informal economy very hard. Many people have become jobless and deprived of any source of income. Due to the lack of social security, many are dependent on government handouts, which are far below the cost of living in cities such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, and Hua Hin. We feel that, in such circumstances, we cannot stand on the sidelines any longer, and we need to help those in need. I am very happy that I am supported in this initiative by Mazars staff members in their drive to do good for the community”.

Mazars. NTCC and MKB Thailand stand by Thailand in this difficult time, and seek to provide support and to strengthen the morale of every Thai citizen to help them get through this crisis safely.