KTC delivers #CreditCardIsFor… viral 30 day 30 stories to reinforce small but significant pointers to prepare for the new normal lifestyle.


KTC creates a #CreditCardIsFor… 30 day 30 stories video clip to invite consumer and cardmembers to ponder on, “Thoughts and Reality,” highlighting 30 credit card functions and beneficial special privileges in response to the new normal lifestyle that may be unexpected through concise video clips of less than a minute. Videos are straightforward, easy to understand, informative and valuable, in accordance to KTC’s brand values. The event was produced by an up and coming production team and Gen Y actors and actresses, and was broadcasted for 30 days from April 4, 2020 to June 12, 2020 on popular social media platforms: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Mr. Khan Kachonboon, Executive Vice President – Corporate Communications, “KTC” or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, reveals, “KTC’s 30 day 30 stories video clips under the concept “Thoughts and Reality” in this occasion was meant to present a small but significant view that people in society and credit cardholders may not know – that credit cards are financial tools with convenient and easy to use functions and special privileges that meet the needs of users living in a cashless society, and effectively support the new normal lifestyle. This includes QR Pay on the “KTC Mobile” application, which can be used to scan to pay for products, pay in installments for products, set payment notifications. Furthermore, credit card points never expired, can be used as substitute of donation money. To boot, credit card registrations along with annual service fees are free of charge. The videos will be broadcasted for 30 days covering popular social media platforms that KTC credit cardmembers and target audiences usually use, and has since garnered satisfy feedback in terms of views, shares and engagement.”

“The 30 day 30 stories video clip with the #CreditCardIsFor… topic focuses on comprehensible and simple content with a focus on presenting topics in a straightforward manner, in accordance to our brand values including Courageous to Choose, Smart Simplicity, and Meaningful. The videos pose the question, “Thoughts and Reality”. Each video’s duration is between 35 seconds to 1 minute. Videos were produced in a pared down style and featured only 1-2 Gen Y actors and actresses per episode, joined by an up and coming director and a production team.”

Those interested may view #CreditCardIsFor… video clips from April 4, 2020 to June 12, 2020 via Facebook: Ktc Real Privileges, YouTube: KTC Card, and Twitter: KTC Privilege. Video clips cover 30 topics, for example, Ep.1 #CreditCardIsFor…Safely order home delivery and reduce risks, Ep.2 #CreditCardIsFor…WFH makes a broken AC a breeze, Ep.3 #CreditCardIsFor…Reduce risks with cashless payments. Order food for home worry-free. Scan now!, Ep.4 #CreditCardIsFor…No need to visit the hospital to put yourself at risk, and Ep.5 #CreditCardIsFor…Merit making individuals and top ups on the go.