Khun Pavana Lemjaroon (Pook), Hygiene and Safety Manager at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Earns hotel the Top Wellbeing Accreditations


It’s now been several months since many of us first implemented COVID-19 crisis response initiatives. Stepping up the cleanliness protocols to provide assurance for traveler safety, Hyatt adds a Hygiene-Wellbeing role at all Hyatt hotels as part of Hyatt’s Global Care and Cleanliness Commitment. Here at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, we have Khun Pavana Lemjaroon (Pook) as our newly appointed Hygiene and Safety Manager.

Khun Pook is not new to Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok. She joined the company in March of 2014 as the Food Safety & Hygiene Manager and has been in charge of overseeing and maintaining a high standard for food safety and hygiene through the implementation of best practices. Some of her achievements were her contribution in our HACCP and ISO22000 certifications. She leads the hotel team to gain GBAC STAR recently. That is a performance-based accreditation program that helps facilities demonstrate they have the work practices, procedures and protocols to prepare, respond, and recover from outbreaks and pandemics.

As a hygiene and wellbeing leader, Khun Pook will continue to be responsible for leading and evaluating the hygiene, safety, and wellbeing concerns of our guests, clients, and colleagues. Khun Pook shares her perspective on this role.

· What do you enjoy most about being a hygiene and wellbeing leader?
I enjoy making sure the work environment is safe and clean for our guests and colleagues by ensuring that our hygiene and safety measures go beyond the standard. Building confidence in my team and maintaining best practices in my job role is also a priority. From the F&B viewpoint, I believe that, “Good food equals good hygiene” and that this is fundamental to operating any food service. I plan on inspecting the kitchen area, restaurants, and public areas every day to scrutinize our cleaning procedures. I will ensure that every high-touch surface or area such as the elevator, public toilets, guestrooms and key cards are sanitized with a premium-grade sanitiser.

· What is the most challenging and / or the most rewarding aspect of the role?
The most challenging aspect of my role is ensuring that all staff behave appropriately and care more about hygiene and safety. Everyone should strive to be a brand ambassador of the hotel while also having a compassionate mind set focused on the well-being of our guests and colleagues. My reward is seeing customers practicing good personal hygiene and keeping social distancing in mind in public areas as the “new normal.”

· What are some creative ways you care for the well-being of our colleagues, guests and customers?
Beyond safety and cleanliness, new guest experiences with a holistic sense of well-being from pre-arrival to check-out and beyond are significant. We offer well-being services anywhere through a new collaboration with the Headspace application through which guests, members and colleagues can access mindfulness exercises, guided meditations, and sleep content via the World of Hyatt application. This can help everyone relax during the day either via an in-room TV or while on the road. We have digital amenities that allow guests to have less contact with possibly unsafe surfaces. There is mobile entry and QR code menus and QR code payments. We want to prevent guests from worrying unnecessarily about hygiene issues.

· What are some things you hope to accomplish in your role?
Protecting associates, customers and guests, and ensuring that they remain safe is my number one goal. I also want guests to feel comfortable enough to celebrate at any moment with their loved ones in the hotel. Exceptional food and beverage experiences have always been a differentiator for Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok. We have placed a great emphasis on food safety certification and provided regular training to all associates. If I can be a part of this success, then this will also be my own glorious success.

Currently, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok is establishing a safety and wellbeing framework to communicate and raise awareness of the Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC) among all associates as they relate to cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention in facilities under this accreditation program.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok has recognized the importance of GBAC. It is well identified as a global standard, even though we have been awarded a certificate by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and passed the SHA’s high standards of hygiene and safety.