Hungry Hub Generates THB 21 Million in Revenue for Restaurant Chain


Hungry Hub Generates THB 21 Million in Revenue for Restaurant Chain

Unique fixed price dining app boosts sustainable revenue with buffet deals for customers at a la carte eateries

December 6, 2018, Bangkok – Hungry Hub, Thailand’s unique fixed-price dining app concept, offering exclusive buffet deals and sharing set-menus at restaurants that are often only a la carte, is transforming the F&B business potential in Bangkok; creating an appetite amongst diners and restaurants for its market-savvy, win-win approach to the dining landscape.

Announcing a THB 21 million annual revenue increase for Thailand’s eight-site Audrey Cafe, Hungry Hub is giving restaurants the opportunity to take a bigger bite of the dining-out market.

Seating more than 280,000 diners to date, Hungry Hub has sourced over THB 100 M of revenue for participating restaurants, with average per-booking spends of THB 2,100. Aspiring to bring in and increase sustainable revenues up to 50%, the one-of-a-kind app offers three distinct packages: All You Can Eat exclusive buffet promotions for restaurants that usually only offer a la carte menus; Party Pack, launched in March this year, offering exclusive set menus for groups of two to four diners with a minimum of 20% discounts on eateries that do not usually offer discounts; and Buffet Plus, launched in October 2018, a special menu option for Hungry Hub customers only that is offered on top of existing buffet promotions.

Hungry Hub Founder & CEO, Surasit ‘Sit’ Sachdev, highlights why the dining app works so well. “Hungry Hub offers businesses access to the big, untapped potential of group bookings, whether for celebrations or corporate dinners, with budgets that can be controlled whilst ensuring the location, cuisine and atmosphere are just right. We introduce diners to new restaurants and inspire repeat business and up-selling; in other words, “sustainability”.

A partner restaurant for two years, Hungry Hub has provided Audrey Cafe with over 60,000 diners, generating over 4,700 reviews; 4-5 times more than Google and Wongnai, with a higher score of 4.5/5.

“We have worked with Hungry Hub for almost 2 years and we are impressed with the number of clients they have sourced for us. We work closely together to make sure we offer a great product to our clients and that the customers are satisfied” says Chavit ‘Beat’ Seriwathanophas, Director of Audrey Incorporation.

Taking a small commission per customer, and around 10-15% seating capacity for the buffet options, Hungry Hub offers set prices starting from just THB 249 up to 2,000 per person, working with 130 restaurant partners. A record of more than 4,300 diners for one restaurant in a single month achieved revenues of close to THB 1.9 million.

One high-profile brand partner in Bangkok is Hilton. Director of Food and Beverage for Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok & Double Tree by Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok, Jeffrey Speelman, appreciates that the dining app has increased both customers and revenue. “Hungry Hub has allowed Scalini restaurant at Hilton Sukhumvit to drive additional covers and maintain our average check while still allowing upselling opportunities. Hungry Hub is a one-of-a-kind application that has a diverse mix of subscribers who are able and willing to spend.”

Currently operating in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Hungry Hub is looking to expand to the Eastern Seaboard and other cities across Thailand, with an international rollout in 2019. Notable partner restaurants include Audrey Cafe; Arno’s; Cafe Pla (iberry Group); Maisen (S&P Group) Yuutaro, Outback Steakhouse; Hongmin; Hong Kong Noodle; Hilton Sukhumvit; and Banyan Tree Hotel.

As Hungry Hub extends its service to more restaurants, giving customers greater choice and restaurants a bigger appetite to get onboard with this new dining concept, the startup is attracting awards too. The Seedstars World Summit 2018 in Switzerland awarded Hungry Hub first place in the Pitch Corner event, pitching to international investors and executive attendees, competing against entrepreneurs from 14 different countries. Another win was scooped at the Echelon Asia Summit 2018 in Singapore, where Hungry Hub was not only named as the top startup in The Pitch competition for the e-commerce category but also praised by the judges.

About Hungry Hub
Hungry Hub was first established in Thailand in 2014 as an online restaurant reservation app. However, in 2016, the start up pivoted and redefined itself into a unique dining offer app. Inspired by founder and CEO Surasit Sachdev’s solution to over – budget group dining experiences, Hungry Hub launched the concept of fixed price F&B promotions. Providing a la carte restaurants with an ‘all–you–can–eat’ a-la-carte buffet, Hungry Hub has sustainably managed to bring diners to restaurants for buffet experiences without affecting the eatery’s brand essence and operations.


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