Hot Healthy current trend, “Wide Faith Foods”


Hot Healthy current trend, “Wide Faith Foods” develops Healthy Junk Foods. To be a healthy snack for all ages

Eating is a big problem is a quote that has been used for more than ten years. At present, it can be seen that eating, is really a ‘BIG’ problem, because people in society are clearly focusing on food, some people lost their money on buying new taste experiences, many people also like to eat unlimited buffet style and other people want to pay more for getting health food … to buy good health.

By growing such a big problem of food culture, it is causing many entrepreneurs, to adapt themselves for the consumer. Some business focus on the development of food, some of them turns to the full health food line. We have seen many products, with some h ingredients or main ingredients for health such as grains, whole grains, organic, even ‘rice’ which is a raw material that we eat every meal was also counted as part of the growth in healthy food as well.

“Wide Faith Foods” is one of the entrepreneurs that has clearly developed food from rice, although it may sound unfamiliar to Thai people, but this company is an exporter of rice snacks that made from “100% Thai rice” to the world, both in Australia, New Zealand, France, Ukraine, Belgium, Slovenia, Japan, Taiwan, America, Canada, Brazil, Chile and ‘Thailand’. Got the income 1,000 million baht per year with 3 factories that have received AA grade certification from BRC, with a combined production capacity of up to 25,000 tons per year.

Healthy Junk Foods
Mr. Oliver Yeh, managing director of Wide Faith Foods Co., Ltd. said, “At this time, the world’s eating trend is healthy food. The snack that making from rice, it is the process that many people have heard, but the thing that makes Wide Faith Foods has different is the making snack in a different way. Many customers just know that this snack is good because it made from rice, but few people know that those snacks use more than 30% of oil, which is no different from potato chips, It’s not good for health. Unlike us, we use thin oil as a spray for making flavors which uses less than 10% oil.We confidently to say that other companies, no one has a product like us. Can’t create products like us”

All products of “Wide Faith Foods” are products that made from rice both white rice and colored rice under the mother brand name “Master Rice” and many other sub-brands, including Rise Buddy, Alright. There are also rice products that contain organic vegetable ingredients. To make the good flavor and good health, such as Rice Wonder and Mello. The highlight of every product is ‘Healthcare’ by producing without adding MSG, Trans-Fat-Free, Gluten-free, use rice bran oil in less than 10% to be a unique ‘Healthy Junk Foods’.

Products for food allergies
Even “Wide Faith Foods” has a strength in high production capacity, but the company is preparing to invest more than 700 million baht in 2022, to expand the production capacity, including 3 production lines at ‘the factory in Hemaraj Industrial Estate, Chonburi Province’ from the original production of 14,000 tons per year to top of the current 10,800 tons per year to support the growth in the international market, Including support the production, especially for ‘Products for food allergies,’ for the first zone Wide Faith Foods, start the careful production, to expand the new production area, without the raw materials that may cause allergies. It is the factory part of the Non-allergy product (products that do not have to be careful about food allergies) which this product may contain gluten, different from the main products that are Gluten Free (gluten-free products), these products include nuts and gluten items.

In addition, Wide Faith Foods also has the plan to create a breakfast that can be consumed all age from small children 9 months to adults, helps to reduce product gap and ready for every meal, from breakfast to dinner.

The Investment for product development
In 2019, it considered as an important year for changing of Wide Faith Foods by expanding this plant, it will be more automated while reducing costs by as much as 25%. It also increases the production capacity and creates new products, and importantly, to develop the proportion of factory from being an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) in the proportion of 80% to 20% product ownership ratio to become 50: 50%

This change will help the company to focus on cost control and can fully invest in new health products.

Another thing that will change is the opening of investors from the strengthening of the brand, in the form of ‘strategic partnership’ to increase more growth, to create the assistant and distribution channels, to build a brand network that helps to export and prepare to advance the leading international level.

The change of “Wide Faith Foods” is one of the most obvious adaptations of food business enterprise from being a single-player of rice snack products to the factory expansion, add roles from producers to players and develop health products, ready to step into the production of food-allergic products including the cooperation between partners, in order to distribute products to international levels.

It can be seen that even ‘Rice’ is the main ingredient that is eaten every meal, but it can change to a new style that we cannot predict. In the future, the ‘big’ problem of the ‘eating’ may change the way of life, let’s us eat breakfast from Wide Faith instead of main dishes like ‘rice’ …

Everyone can buy Rise Buddy now at Tops Markets & Daily, Gourmet Market, Home Fresh Mart, Tang Huaseng, J Leng, UFM Fuji Super, TOKYO, Max Mart (PT gas station). Lawson 108, Big C, Family Mart and Villa Market.