Heritage Food & Beverage Brand Leads to Healthy Food, Happy Life at THAIFEX World of Food ASIA 2016



Bangkok – Heritage Group, a leading premium natural food producer, wholesaler and exporter of nuts, dried fruits, mineral water and juices in Thailand showcased some of its most popular brands at THAIFEX World of Food ASIA 2016 in May at Bangkok’s Impact Arena. Retail lines on display were premium nut and dried fruit brand Heritage, Blue Diamond Almonds and the Sensation range of fine dried fruits and natural juices. Other products featured were premium nut and snack range Nut Walker, Sunkist Pistachios and WonderPuff Popcorn, alongside Francoise Gourmet Cookies, Goldfish Chinese Food Products, First Dragon vermicelli products and Italian imported mineral water Mangiatorella

The event saw the launch of a new Heritage Group product with plans to produce Blue Diamond almond milk in Thailand rather than being imported. The aim is to cut prices whilst enabling consumers to access high quality products, strengthening Heritage Group’s leadership in the food and beverage industry with a focus on promoting consumer health and happiness.

Heritage Group Vice President, Vittavat Phonphaisan emphasized how strongly Heritage Group believes in natural ingredients. “We offer consumers a range of food products that are as natural as possible. We use traditional food processing techniques and do not use chemicals or synthetic dyes. We want to look after the health of consumers and for all manufacturers to adhere to this standard.

We offer a wide variety of food products exported to over 60 countries worldwide. We continuously strive to add new products and create greater variety so that customers regard us as a one-stop service. We have factories located in China and the United States and are currently building a new factory in Thailand to increase production and business growth. We will be producing almond milk in Thailand under the brand name Blue Diamond which is known worldwide. Currently, this product is imported at a relatively high price. Production in Thailand will reduce labor costs and cut import taxes, giving consumers in Thailand an almond milk product that is competitively priced compared to other types of milk. In many other countries, especially the United States, almond milk is the preferred choice for many consumers.

We want people in Thailand to know more about almond milk, such as its extremely high nutritional value with fewer calories than regular milk. Sugar is added to soy milk in order to deodorize it, whereas the taste of almond milk means less sugar is needed. We offer unsweetened almond milk and original almond milk with a little added sugar. Almond milk is a great alternative for consumers who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk.

Other new products launched at THAIFEX 2016 include three quirky WonderPuff Popcorn flavors – Tom Yum, Barbeque and Caramel Cheese. Natural jam and honey from the Sensation range were also introduced at the exhibition. Heritage products in blue packaging include premium grains such as flax seed, quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat. Heritage in red packaging includes wheat flour, almond flour, oats, baking powder, baking soda and pancake mix.

“We produce 100% natural fruit juices under the Sensation brand in Thailand using the natural sweetness of the fruit juice instead of sugar. We used to only import products, but today we import, and also manufacture and export our Products of Thailand to create a quality standard for the country. We also recently started to import an Italian mineral water, Mangiatorella. Thorough research we found that the water stood out because of its great taste and low nitrate content, plus a high silica compound which improves your complexion and moisturizes the skin. The factory is located in a national park set amidst an abundance of natural surroundings and producing a high purity mineral water.”

Heritage Group is committed to delivering high quality food and beverage products to consumers. Every stage of production takes into account consumer health as a key factor. The feedback at THAIFEX 2016 from both business and consumer attendees was well received and positive.

For more information, please visit www.heritagethailand.com or follow Heritage Group activities at https://www.facebook.com/Heritagesnacksandfood or tel 02-621-6126-7.