FOTON has launched the all new tractor FOTON Daimler “AUMAN EST 400”


FOTON has launched the all new tractor FOTON Daimler “AUMAN EST 400”.
An alternative choice curated for Thais

FOTON is aggressively penetrating Thailand’s commercial automotive industry by launching the all new tractor specialised in effective drive power FOTON Daimler “AUMAN EST 400” with an aim to serve more Thai clients and to be the spotlight among other players in the industry. The new tractor with European standard FOTON Daimler “AUMAN EST 400” is ready for test drive on 15th November at FOTON EXPO DAY 2018, Pathumthani Speed Way.

FOTON Automobile (Thailand) president Gao Ming expected that the FOTON EXPO DAY 2018 will be the great showcase for introducing the all new tractor AUMAN EST 400 including EST M and FOTON AUV trucks. Everyone joining the event will be eligible for the test drive of both EST 400 and EST-A

He revealed that the launch of FOTON model last year has received such a great feedback from users and also official transporting sectors on Thailand.

Although the “AUMAN EST 400” has a smaller tractor size than the previous EST-A and EST 430 models but it is fully designed to support all aspects of usage especially transportation on Thailand. The AUMAN EST 400 tractor performs maximum power 400 horsepower at 1,900 r/min from high quality engine CUMMINSISGe3 and has maximum torque at 2,000 Nm at 1,000 r/min.

It also comes with ZF gearbox system, both manual shift 16 gears and automatic shift AMT 12 gears are provided. The AUMAN EST 400 design is mostly based on the safety of users, comfortable ride and meticulous vision.

The essentials of the constructive design for this tractor are such as Low Rood reducing the roof of 93 centimetres, reducing the body weight of 600 kilograms, wider room of rear seats, multi-function steering, the iconic braking system of FOTON “I-BREAK” which has 3 different levels to help brake comfortably and also reduce the heat and wear.

However, the company also introduces the latest FOTON AUMAN EST M tractor with longer wheelbase which is suitable for logistics and 7.3 metres FOTON AUV MICRO BUS with 20 passenger seats which is expected to become one of Thailand’s new van service after transportation law amended.

On the day of car testing at FOTON EXPO DAY 2018 at Speed Way Pathumthani, there will be many stations to show the performance of the tractor including brake, safety, eco drive, suspension, balance and also introducing other important tools inside the cab of FOTON EST-A and EST 400.

“After the FOTON EXPO DAY 2018, the company plans to hold more roadshow activities during January next year to showcase the latest technologies of AUMAN EST tractor in Chonburi, Nakornsawan and Saraburi. The plan is expected to make more awareness and exposure to the company’s products leading to innovation and make a move for Thailand’s automotive industry.” Mr Gao Ming said.

Company profile and products details

FOTON Daimler Automotive (FDA) is the nice blend of quality manufacturer, technologies leader and management, the company is the joint-venture company collaborated with quality partners to innovate commercial logistics since 2012 under the brand “FOTON DAIMLER”.

In the past 7 years, FOTON has successfully made the nice blend of world’s standard manufacturing systems, development of supplier and technologies to go beyond the industry while recruiting professionals to manage trucking flow (TOS), this brings more quality control in the company.

The collaboration is the major part that made FDA’s success among the industry, FDA has total 540,000 sales volume worldwide in August 2018 and the company never stops research and develop its products to come up with latest products such as FOTON AUMAN EST-A which comes with an intelligent electric control such as Cummins, ZF, WABCO to help accelerate drive in the long run.

– The all-new tractor by FDA designed for long-way transportation with highest comfort and safety for users with straight-six Cummins Diesel Common Rail engine 1,800 CC with the maximum power at 430 horsepower at 1,900 r/m and highest torque at 2,200 n/M. Two options of gearboxes available which are manual 6 shifts and automatic 12 shifts. The tractor also highlighted by fuel consuming control system to save care cost.
– The all-new tractor also comes with an intelligent electric controlling system to help better ride after 10,000,000 kilometres test from the factory.


Design and development
– The latest tractor has smaller size than EST-A and EST 430 and been developed to meet clients’ needs the most. The roof is specially reduced of 93 centimetres, the body is reduced of 600 kilograms to be Low Roof and single bed seat which cut of the rear bed seat while the front seats remains lot of utility space. The driver seat can be adjusted in many angles and provides an effective absorber. Electric air bag and controlling systems are provided.
– Feeling more comfortable with elevated rear seats
– More usage of suspension system covering smooth and rough ride
– More comfortable interior with qualty tools for the highest safety
– Bigger rear mirror for wider vision

– CUMMINS ISGe3 engine as same as every AUMAN EST models
– Maximum power at 400 horsepower at 1,900 r/m
– Maximum torque at 2,000 n/M at 1,000 r/m

Gear and Balance systems
– ZF gearbox with 2 options from manual 16 shifts and automatic AMT 12 shifts
– An AMT automatic gear system helps better controlling and reduce fuel consume (because shifting gear during high engine round will consume more fuel)
– There will be an seminar for AUMAN tractor users for better understanding

Brake and Safety systems
– Intelligent brake assist to help user stop the car effectively
– Iconic I-BRAKE of Cummins engine helping slow down the speed in 3 different levels, this can also reduce brake wear
– The result of acceleration from ISGe3 with I-BRAKE system shows maximum power at 350 horsepower for the highest safety

Eco Drive

Apart from many outstanding systems, the eco drive function also helps control and track the situation of fuel consume to assure that user will pay less for care.


The latest six-wheel tractor with longer wheelbase is especially designed for logistics purposes such as freight, cold storage. The FOTON AUMAN EST M comes with various sizes of chassis and Cummins Diesel Common Rail engine with 6,690 CC Turbo Intercooler that performs maximum power at 245 horsepower at 2,500 r/m and maximum torque at 910 n2M at 1,400 r/m, including Double Acting shock absorber and leaf spring suspension with Stabilizer


The latest micro bus that is expected to be an alternative choice of commuting van according to the new transportation law amendment. FOTON AUV MICRO BUS has 7.3 metre lenght and available for 20 seats.

For more information of every FOTON’s commercial tractor please contact the nearest representatives and stay tuned for more activities via Facebook Fanpage “FOTON MOTOR TH” or 02-342-3242 Call Centre.