Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Latte Modernizes the Traditional Thai Iced Coffee


July 27th, 2021, Bangkok – US, California-based almond-growing agricultural cooperative, Blue Diamond Growers, is waking Thai consumers up to the double delicious flavor of coffee and creamy almond milk with its Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Latte; a grab-and-go caffeine hit with plant-based, dairy-free goodness.

A robust milky coffee is part of Thai culture and Almond Breeze Latte promises the smooth yet powerful taste that comes from using 100% real arabica coffee beans. Meanwhile, the milky part of the drink is made using the finest California almonds. Drunk straight from the carton, Almond Breeze Latte is a far healthier alternative to Thai-style iced coffees made from milk and condensed milk which are packed with fat and sugar. With many people drinking more than one coffee a day, this can soon pump up the calories and lead to weight gain, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Low in calories, Almond Breeze Latte is a zero-cholesterol iced coffee choice and can also be added to a coffee made at home for a silkier, calcium-rich cup. A 180 ml carton contains just 60 calories, compared to potentially a couple of hundred with traditional Thai iced coffee, and is a good source of Vitamin E with no artificial additives. With a growing interest and awareness in healthier ingredients and choices, almond milk is growing in popularity in Thailand, and across the world. Its low sugar content and quality flavor makes it a great daily drink on the go at any time of the day, from a morning pick-me-up to a thirst-quenching afternoon drink.

Used as an ingredient too, Blue Diamond suggests making this incredible and quick Almond Breeze Latte Smoothie Recipe with all of the rich taste and none of the sugar-filled badness.
1 shot of Espresso – 1 tbsp peanut butter – ½ tsp vanilla extract – ¾ cup Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Latte – ½ frozen banana – Honey (optional) – Ice
Prepare one shot of Espresso. (If you don’t have an espresso machine can be substituted with 2 teaspoons of instant coffee mixed with 30ml of hot water.) Add all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Add more ice to thicken or more almond milk to thin out. Serve immediately.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze; available in six delicious flavors: Original, Unsweetened (with just 25kcal), Vanilla, Chocolate, Matcha and Latte; retailing at THB 20 for a 180ml carton and THB 99 for a 946ml carton at convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide in Thailand. Available online with home delivery at Line Official; @Heritagethailand; Shopee; Heritage Official; Lazada; and JD Central.

For more information, please visit or follow Blue Diamond Thailand activities at , Tel +66 (0)262 161 267.