Thailand World EDM Music Creator Challenge to Capture the World’s Heart with Music

TAT joins hands with BDEAL Co., Ltd. to organize Thailand World EDM Music Creator Challenge, a world class event which uses soft power to promote Thai cultural export and tourism through EDM music. The competition invites music creators across the globe to compete in the topic of “Miracle Thailand” with prizes including cash and a travel package to Thailand.

Mr. Thatchai Na Bangchang, Project Director of Thailand World EDM Music Creator Challenge, revealed that Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and BDEAL Co., Ltd. will organize a world class EDM event, Thailand World EDM Music Creator Challenge, using soft power to promote Thailand’s tourism. The event invites music creators all over the world to create EDM music using audio and visual pieces under the topic of “Miracle Thailand” to compete for a total cash prize of 300,000 baht and a travel package to Thailand

“EDM or Electric Dance Music is now very popular among music lovers worldwide. This competition will be a significant tool to publicize the beautiful Thai uniqueness such as food, film, design, martial art, traditions and hospitality. The idea of using soft power and EDM can be a powerful channel to communicate to the world the one and only Thainess that every travelers should come to experience.”

Mr. Thatchai added that soft power or cultural export is one of the most significant policies and strategies that the Thai government has supported for years. Modern and internationally accepted approach such as EDM will help to promote Thai culture like tourist attractions, food, beautiful way of life, etc. to the world even further.

“As for the competition process, competitor has to register through our official website www.thailandedmchallenge.com which will contain video footage, photo and different sound of Thai musical instruments, and use these contents to make 1 audio visual EDM creation under the topic of “Miracle Thailand” within 1 month. After that competitor has to upload the creation to his own channel as well as the project’s official channel for 1 month to create the number of views. The judging panel will then assess all competitor’s creations as well as the number of views. The details and judging criteria will be in the official website.”

“Drawing attention from both popular artists and new creators to participate, Thailand World EDM Music Creator Challenge will help to promote cultural export and create not less than 30,000,000 views for Thailand through the competitor’s creations. Moreover, it will also attract Music Festival enthusiasts and those with Staycation lifestyle,” said Mr. Thatchai.